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Blogs for rummy 1.CASH GAMES vs TOURNAMENTS: For a rummy enthusiast to choose between a cash game and a tournament, it is an utterly confusing and difficult choice. Both of the games have their respective pros and cons. At the end of the day, it comes down to the matter of preference. Although the rules of the game and the details remain the same, a cash game is much different than a tournament specifically in the level of competitiveness displayed by the competitors. Players can play both, evaluate and decide which one suits them better and which one maximizes their level of interest and fun. A number of factors must be considered while deciding which game is better. The following are some of the factors that one might want to consider: 1.Time constraints- If you are busy, it would be better for you to choose cash games over tournaments. This is because cash games are available at all times and you are free to play as when you like. Mister Rummy has a 24x7 feature for our users. Tournaments have fixed times and one cannot choose to play later. This can be a hassle for busy users. In such situations where players are busy, you are advised to choose cash games. Cash games will suit your taste better. 2.Money deposit- cash games require lesser deposit amounts than tournaments. If you are a risk taker, you can go on with tournaments. If you choose to make a safer and smaller bet, you can choose to play cash games. Cash games start with a deposit as low as Rs.10 and go on till Rs.2000. 3.Monotony- Cash games can get monotonous after a point. Joining tables and playing can become a grind. The winnings in cash games are also limited and minimal. If the player wishes to gain more and take risks, he/she is advised to choose tournaments. It is always new and exciting. If the player is comfortable with the monotony of cash games, he/she should go ahead with cash games. 4.High stakes- tournaments often indulge in really high stakes. More often than not, amateurs begin their rummy journey with tournaments. You can easily win big against them. You can also play against professionals, learn and beat them with a new sense of confidence. 5.Patience- You requires a lot more patience playing tournaments than you do while playing cash games. If you have the patience and endurance, you can choose tournaments over cash games. 6.What do you want- The ultimate decision is up to you. Play what you perceive as fun and interesting. Play what rakes your competitive spirit. Play the game of your choice.

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